Our Research Team spends a significant amount of time analysing and interpreting the global economic climate. This involves developing views about broader fiscal factors, understanding industry conditions and also identifying company specific factors.

Our research reports contain a wide range of insights that we gain from applying a methodical and analytical approach in order to help us identify potential investment opportunities on an international scale.

We at Middleton Associates provide our clients with timely, comprehensive and insightful research and investment strategies aimed at pinpointing investment opportunities. Our Research team identify and scrutinize a plethora of different companies with high growth potential that we believe will deliver superior investment performance over the medium to long term.

We specialise in mid-cap companies and provide impartial evidence-backed analysis investment opportunities. Our clients are able to take full advantage of our unique insights, intellectual capital and unrivalled research capabilities.

At Middleton Associates, we don’t repackage publicly available information. Our investment analysts visit companies and their management structure, analyse their competitors plus identify key suppliers and customers of their businesses in order to understand the company at a grassroots level. From there, we are able to gain unique insights and unearth commercial opportunities that are otherwise overlooked by the broader market.