Our Corporate Finance Advisory team of experts advise clients on a variety of corporate finance topics such as capital structure and risk management, M&A structuring, credit ratings, distribution policy, liquidity management, cost of capital, value drivers, and credit-linked market solutions. Clients benefit from:

The Corporate Finance Advisory team has a range of experts that cover the most popular corporate topics our clients need assistance on from cost of capital to value drivers, from risk management to M&A structuring.

• Product-agnostic advice to help drive value-enhancing decisions, across all products, sectors and markets
   o Product-centric advice on how to make the best value driven decisions on a variety of topics and areas

• One of the largest and most experienced ratings advisory teams globally
   o One of the biggest and highly regarded teams

• Solutions, developed with various specialized product groups, that take into account each client’s tax, accounting, regulatory and financial goals and concerns
   o Advice on how to save the most on client’s taxes, accounting and regulations in order to meet the clients’ financial objectives

• Bank advisory solutions incorporating proprietary risk models and actionable solutions that satisfy reporting and capital requirements
   o Risk models and actionable tasks that will complete the picture for the client

Corporate Finance Advisory Reports

The team also researches and authors a number of well-received and widely-disseminated reports on capital structure, market and industry-specific issues.

There are a wide variety of reports our team publishes about industry-specific events and issues.