We advise corporations and institutions of all sizes on their most complex strategic needs, in their local markets and around the world.

Not only do we tackle local markets, we help our clients reach the complex world of finance.

Clients benefit from bespoke solutions combining:
• In-depth knowledge of sector and market dynamics with M&A bankers based locally in every major market globally
     o Comprehensive knowledge of the market with local bankers in each market

• Innovative advice on valuation, transaction structures and deal tactics/negotiations
     o Complex solutions and advice on how to value your portfolio, how to structure your business transactions and how to negotiate the best terms

• Rigorous execution delivered with responsive and agile service
     o Thorough completion of all reports and advice with interactive and engaging customer service

• Comprehensive financing through our debt and equity issuance platforms
     o Financing through our special issuing departments

• Ability to partner with product experts where appropriate across our full range of competencies (derivatives, treasury services, escrow services and others)
     o Partnerships with experts in their field in a range of different areas

Investment Bank Industry Coverage

Middleton Associates considers the breadth and depth of its client base to be its greatest asset. Within the investment banking industry, the firm works with a broad range of issuer clients, including corporations, institutions and governments, and provides comprehensive strategic advice, capital raising and risk management expertise.

We consider the diversity of our client base to be the greatest asset of our company. The broader the client base, the more possibilities that exist to handle trends, create complex solutions to complex problems and derive strategic advice to even the simplest of questions.

We serve the evolving needs of clients around the world across:
• Consumer & Retail
• Diversified Industries
• Energy
• Financial Institutions & Governments
• Financial Sponsors
• Healthcare
• Real Estate & Lodging
• Technology, Media & Telecom